Tungsten Carbide Snowplow Blade

Tungsten Carbide Snowplow Blade Picture

What is tungsten carbide snowplow blade?
Tungsten carbide product is available in two different forms to increase the performance for most of the wear products we offer. Carbide inserted cutting edges are primarily used on the snowplow and grader cutting edges. Carbide embedded wear edges are used in the loader, scraper, dozer and motor grader application.

We produces tungsten carbide inserts for snow plow blades in various dimensions, tungsten carbide snow plow blade is used to cleaning the snow on road. All of these carbide inserts are made from the virgin raw materials and HIP/sintered, be of very high quality and excellent performances. However, the price is very competitive.

Carbide inserted-virgin tungsten carbide inserts are placed into milled grooves along the bottom wear surface of the edge giving it unmatched wear resistant properties and making this blade ideal for high speed highway or airport runway plowing.